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June 5, 2010

Campioni Del Mundo...

This is for all you Circuitree heads out there and then some… Renzo Gorrio aka Hydroplane is starting a new life in the bay area. You can say he’s been around. Having been raised in Miami, Renzo spent the last year here (from living and working in Portland) only to have moved back to the west coast, this time setting up shop in Oakland, a little over 3 months ago. Such a shame, I say! The Hydroplane project was in my eyes on it’s way to becoming a well buzzed about local Miami act (“making moves”). Some might say he stole the show when he opened for Pictureplane back in March at Terri & Donna gallery, not saying anymore – wink wink. Under the Hydroplane moniker Renzo is set to drop a new self produced full length album: ‘Flowers‘ (Circuitree Records) which Paul Gaeta of Circuitree says,“Sounds like a Giorgio Moroder and Mathew Dear collabo if they both got together to record in Argentina. Arpeggiators and Vocoders are no strangers to the record and would be suited for a listen at home, at the club or a Volkswagen commercial… one you wouldn’t mind seeing over and over again”.

From the new record ‘Flowers’


Hydroplane – Brom

Hydroplane – Play Argentina

Hydroplane – Makeup

Hydroplane – Stripes

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