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Telephones: A Self Introduction

June 7, 2010

I was going to write an article on Telephones but they saved me the work by doing it themselves (actually himself- and he rules). All I have to say is disco, fantastic edits, superb remixes, and Vamos a La Playa is one of his favorite italo tracks  😉

Miami needs to hear this.

Some words:

Telephones is me, 1982-model Henning Severud, from the outskirts of Bergen, Norway. I’ve been DJ’ing and producing for about 10 years. I make music with influences from disco, house, italo, punkfunk, kraut, cosmic, new wave and tropical stuff. I’m a multi-instrumentalist and play most of the instruments myself. I haven’t released much yet; the “DIG!”-tune is from a 12″ sampler from a new Bergen-based label called Untz Untz Records. I just did a remix of Diamond Vampires which is out on a 12″ on the greek label Amateur Recordings. I also do quite a bit of edits, for the most part just for my own DJ-sets. There’s an upcoming Telephones 12″ on Prins Thomas’ label Full Pupp, but Thomas won’t let me send out anything from that just yet 😉 It’ll probably be out around autumn I hope, but haven’t got a date yet.

I DJ in Trondheim (where I currently live), Bergen and Oslo. In about a month I’m taking a year of work moving to Berlin with my friend Chmmr (from Luna Flicks, you should check him out as well!) just to do music and work on own projects, so that will hopefully result in a lot more finished new tracks. About a month ago I had my live-debut at the famous Oslo-club Blaa. Live Telephones is me (laptop, controllers and knobs), Even Brenden aka Chmmr on sampler, synth and drum-pads, and Richard Nystad on guitar. Went really well and we already got booked to play a private Modular-party in Oslo last weekend and have a few more upcoming shows already. Will try to continue to develop the live-sets in the next year when I finally have a lot of time on my hands.

You can follow me here:



Telephones – TheOceanTheSandTheLorenzo

Liquid Liquid – Flextone (Telephones edit)

Gabi Delgado – Victim (Telephones dozer edit)

Posted By: Laura Sutnick (L of M)


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