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To the untrained eye, Nightdrive Miami is a music and culture blog. This is partially true. We do work to provide quality content to our viewers whether it be an exclusive interview with an up-and-coming band, a new track by a familiar name, or maybe notice of a kick-ass event that we think everyone should attend. Behind our work is a general drive to share with others our unique tastes and perspectives on music, art and contemporary culture.

We at Nightdrive like to think of ourselves as more than just a blog existing in the omnipresent ether of the World Wide Web. We’ve spent hours aimlessly wandering through this placeless abyss, ultimately realizing that “it” by itself was not what we sought.

This project was created for a very specific purpose in a very specific time and place. That place is Miami, Florida.

Some of us were born and raised here. Others found themselves here incidentally, by preference, or by necessity. Regardless how we got here, we became part of a city that is now struggling to figure out where it’s going, how it’s going to get there, and what it’s going to become.

Down here we find ourselves partaking in a collective redesign of Miami’s cultural landscape. Beyond the clichés of South Beach and “history according to Scarface,” there’s an auspicious underlying notion that Miami is currently a blank canvas; and that our generation could be Da Vinci.

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