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July 7, 2012

MyKill  is a DJ and producer based in San Francisco with more than a decade behind the decks and refreshing new tracks guaranteed to quench your melodic summer thirst. MyKill first began bouncing around in different bands and collecting records before he started to make his own music. He recently signed with Solid Bump Records and to date has released “Love Story” on Pleasure & Pressure Vol 2, In These Arms EP in collaboration with Meroz, as well as various singles and remixes of artists including Fun, Ghosts of Venice and more.

MyKill is known for his funky, filtered house sound, however, admits to being ‘at a point of discovery [with] a lot of experimenting going on.” Stay tuned for a new remix of Young Digerati to be released next week and enjoy this animated video by CKHMOD of Midi Matilda’s ‘Day Dreams (MyKill Remix)’ in the meantime to tide you over.

MyKill – Falling

Mykill & Meroz – In These Arms

Mykill – Love Kills

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