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June 13, 2012

There is one law of aural dynamics that never fails to cause modern music enthusiasts to salivate like Pavlov’s dog and it’s written as follows: retro synths + slappah da bass X 80s nostalgia = hit. We all know it because it has been used time and time again by groups like Daft Punk, Justice, Vitalic, Dam FunkChromeo and more recently the soundtrack for Drive. This 80s revivalism has been somewhat of a trend throughout the latter noughts but let’s be honest with ourselves, no matter how much we say otherwise we CAN’T get enough of it. This is also true for the younger brood of music
lovers who can’t even remember watching Back To The Future  or Jurassic Park on VHS (let alone being born yet X_X). Regardless, it seems that yet another 30 year-old Brooklyn upstart has applied this tested method with splendid results and his name is Starcadian.

I stumbled upon the music video for his single “HEˆRT” and was left mystified by how much retro gold one could seamlessly pack into five minutes and thirty-six seconds. This is besides the fact that the song is amazing and is best described as ‘Space Balaeric’. With elements of John Carpenter, 2001: A Space Odyssey and floppy discs, its enough to force at least one tear of joy from the inner nerd inside all of us born before 1995. I think they
borrowed the antagonist/motorcycle helmet from the video for Com Truise’s “Brokendate,” you be the judge. Keep an eye on this one, peas.

Posted by Laurence ‘Pucho’ Henriquez

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