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June 6, 2012

Cubenx is the brainchild of Gaudalajara-based producer Cesar Urbina. Like most modern masters of synthetic rhythms Urbina has a penchant for the interdisciplinary, fusing aspects of IDM, post-punk and techno to create vibrant aural experiences. Despite being relatively ignored by critics, his latest release On Your Own Again is an amazing piece of art that I highly recommend you check out. It’s a very interesting LP because of the sheer breadth of music you are presented with. The opening track “Locked” is highly reminiscent of My Bloody Valentine as it forms a comfortable yet melancholic aura while you are sedated by the airy guitars and keys. The insatiable “Adrift at Sea” on the other hand is a barrage of rolling bass and soothing IDM soundscapes. Another dance floor worthy gem is “Wait and See”, a track that has Nightdrive painted ALL over it. When you encounter “Noir” Urbina diverges completely from the dance floor as he whisks you away to some alternate dimension inhabited by aliens with a taste for Vangelis and Brian Eno. Despite its genre hopping On Your Own Again is cohesive album that can best be described as a musical experiment that cleverly blends modern electronic genres with darker hues of 80’s pop as it do-si-dos between dance floor bangers, ambient soundscapes and indie-rock hypnotica.

I’ve gone ahead and included one trippy video and one artsy-fartsy video with lovely women walking around for you to feast your eyes on.

Enjoy =)


Cubenx- Wait & See

Cubenx- Adrift At Sea

Posted by Laurence ‘Pucho’ Henriquez

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