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Santiago Caballero’s S&T Mix

May 16, 2012

There’s more to this mix than a well-curated assortment of dance tracks cleverly arranged with clean transitions.  There’s a clear concept and a spirit behind what Miami-based DJ Santiago Caballero puts out.  Months in the making, this mix coincides with the relatively new weekly party in the Miami scene lewdly titled Slap & Tickle.

Curiously held on notoriously challenging Tuesday nights, S&T is a dancer’s dance party.  Resident DJs and close Nightdrive comrades Pirate Stereo, Troy Kurtz, and Caballero himself bring some serious heat to El Bolero Room at The Electric Pickle with local guest DJs every week. The faithfully packed room along with a discreet and unassuming vibe make this party the panacea for any jaded Miami local.  These guys are on to something and they’re doing it for all the right reasons.

…and check out Slap & Tickle mixes 001 and 002 HERE

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