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Free Magic and JKriv

April 25, 2012


I love emails like this:

“Hey Laura,

Was down in Miami and caught your show, great stuff. So happy to hear good jamz on the radio among all the crap.”

I especially love messages like that when I’m already a fan of the person writing it. This email came from Free Magic and JKriv who we’ve posted about in the past and repeatedly rocked on your local dance floors. The guys are working on some great stuff, primarily on vinyl but you can preview it on their soundcloud page. I also LOVE the image they sent above to use for the post, they claim it’s their spirit animal. I naturally asked them for a bio but we had a lot more fun with a quick and basic Q & A which I will share with you now:

Q & A

FM = Free Magic ( Joel)

JK = JKriv (Jason)

– Where are you guys originally from and how did you meet/ start working together?

FM – I’m from Atlanta, we met on a hot New York night when Jason played an after party we were throwing, it was pretty similar to the lady in the tramp scene except with bubble tape and a bozak. Right Jason?

JK – Yes that’s true.

– Any formal music training?

JK – I’ve been playing music since I went with my dad to pick out my first bass at Sam Ash when I was 12. He tried to talk me into playing guitar instead, but I needed to start a band with my guitar-playing friends so I said “no, Dad.” Played all through high school, picked up some guitar & keys along the way, went to college for music, spent 10 years eating ramen as a performing musician, etc.

FM – If you can count drums in marching band… yes. My dad is also a recording engineer and I was always in the studio with him as a kid in Atlanta. I was never very good but know how to play guitar and bass and had my share of shitty punk bands throughout school.

– What generation do you identify best with? How old are you in reality?

FM – Musically as cliche as it sounds, I would have loved to be a fly on the wall in the garage or music box when it was all happening… I’m 28 but sparkly.

JK – I’m a lithe 35, and I’m pretty much most happy in the early 80s. I think it was a really exciting time to be awakening to music.

– Influences?

FM – D’Angelo and Kerri Chandler

JK – Prince, Bernard Edwards, Quincy Jones, Donny Hathaway, MJ, and more recently Jamie Lidell, Miike Snow, 6th Borough Project

– Who have you performed with, remixed, re-edited, or co-produced with?

JK – I was an original member of live deep-house act Tortured Soul and toured/wrote/produced with them for about 10 years. We were all over the world at festivals and club nights so we played with everyone from Crazy P to Chaka Khan to Death Cab for Cutie.

I’ve also worked a lot with longtime frenemy Lou Teti (Munga), and I’ve done a ton of edits. I currently work with the band Escort as bassist and touring DJ, and I’m writing/producing with the singer Adeline Michele on her own record.

FM – Had the pleasure of playing with a lot of great artists and DJs as we’ve been running a monthly party coming up on 3 years… It’s hard to pick any favorites but Chez Damier, Scott Grooves, Jus-Ed, Hot Toddy, Justin Martin, Nico Jaar, DJ Harvey, Kyle Hall, San Soda, Slow Hands…see I told you I couldn’t do this.

Anyway we’ve tried to book artist who’s music we love, it has a warmth and openness to it. We’ve come to find that a lot of time their personality is reflective of that, sounds cosmic and what not – but it’s been true and very cool to see. I’ve been producing stuff for a while it just wasn’t very good until the past couple years. I’m working on a grip of solo tunes and Jason and I continue to work on stuff as often as we can.

– What labels have you/ are you working with? Elaborate please

JK – As “Deep&Disco” I’ve released reworks/edits on Editorial, Whiskey Disco, Philadelphia International and a bunch more. At the end of the month I have a Disco Deviance release coming out, which is exciting. But my main focus lately has been my own label “Deep&Disco Recordings” which is all-original music – we had 2 releases last year and I’ve got a couple more ready to go. I’ve also started my own vinyl-only edits label “Razor-N-Tape Records” which is launching next month.

FM – At the moment I’m focusing most of my energy on Discovery. There’s definitely some labels I’d like to work with and would be glad to remix for, but when we finished the first EP we picked our favorite labels and sent the tunes around. Everyone gave us great feedback but there was always a catch, so we put them out ourselves and will continue to do so.

– What are you guys up to now? 

FM – We’ve got 3 tunes that will be Discovery coming together, JKriv just got an amazing studio space with a ton of toys AND a djembe… so we’ll be having some fun there and see what happens.

JK – Yeah we’re pioneering this new style: vibra-slap house. It’s like regular house, but you replace the kick drum with a vibra

FM – It’s gonna be cray.

– What’s next?

FM – Looking forward to some upcoming gigs, MK will be with us at Discovery and we’re off to DEMF to play a few parties, later in the summer we’ll be doing some shows in California and hopefully do another round of boat parties, that was def. the highlight for me last summer. We just sent of the next Discovery tune for mastering, it’s a friend from Chicago named Olin who’s been making some amazing stuff and OOFT! and Nils Penner did some great remixes.

JK – Got some fun gigs this summer with Escort and just focusing on all these releases.  And of course, twiddling the knobs with my buddy Free Magic here. We like to twiddle.

FM – Nothing but the hits.

Chant And Sing EP: (Vinyl only, limited to 300 copies. – Buy here)

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