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April 18, 2012

Joakim‘s “Teenage Kiss” off of Kitsune’s 2004 compilation X was one of the first songs I ever played on Vamos a La Playa, I’ve been a fan for a bit. Dude’s released a shit ton of new material since then that sounds nothing like that track but is still as awesome (if not more awesome). “Forever Young” and “Find A Way” were great singles and his last full LP Nothing Gold is also noteworthy. His latest EP “Labyrinth” includes remixes from the likes of Todd Terje and Le Loup, good stuff.


I remember listening to “Teenage Kiss” off of an early Kitsune compilation circa 2004, it’s vastly different from a track like “Forever Young”. How would you say your sound has evolved and what have been the biggest changes?
I don’t think it’s that different. Ok, maybe a little but mostly because that track was for a Kitsune compilation themed around Booty music and Sex. So i made a booty track, my way..I think my sound evolves all the time because i’m in search of something, but it’s not a random quest, i’m trying to aim at something that i can’t really put words on. Every new song, every new album is a work in progress and a step towards a more defined/refined personal sound.

The list of people you’ve collaborated with or remixed is pretty incredible and actually includes some of my personal favorites (Antena, Max Berlin, Metronomy, Mitzi, Charlotte Gainsbourg…..), which remixes were the most natural for you to produce? What songs did you feel most happy about re-interpreting and why?

It depends on so many factors. Sometimes you think a remix will be easy and that you’re gonna do it quickly, and then you end up stuck for days and weeks. Sometimes it’s the opposite, take Antena for instance. First i was a huge fan of the song which make it harder to remix in a way, and second, there was no parts, no audio to work from apart from the original song, so i thought, this is gonna be tricky. Then i started playing the chords of the song on a synth and built everything from there, and it worked out instantly.

You’re also into visual arts and design some of your own artwork, did you go to school for that or is it just an innate talent? What are some of your favorite visual artists?

No, i was drawing a lot at school, which used to annoy a lot of my teachers. And when i started putting out records, i thought i’d like to add my ideas to the sleeves too, and learned how to do graphic design by myself. It’s all DIY. It’s hard to tell who are my favorite visual artists, because that’s very broad, i like contemporary artists (like Beuys, Paul Tek, and obvious ones like Duchamp), painters like Paul Klee, Matisse, comic books designers like Charles Burns, graphic designers like Peter Saville etc etc..

What’s the deal with Disco right now? I like to think it’s eternal but some call it a trend, is it over and passé, transforming into more of a house sound, turning mainstream and poppy, or happy and as great as it ever was?

Of course, it’s eternal, it’s been trending for years and years now, i don’t see how you can still call it a trend actually. For me the trend started with Metro Area first releases, that’s back in 1999… Today, some big producers are turning to disco to make what i call (and hate) Stadium Disco, but that’s another story. I’m sure someone will come with a mashup of Stadium Disco and Brostep soon hahaha. Anyway, good disco is still here, although there’s not much modern productions of what they call Nu Disco that i actually like.

What was the first record you went out and bought on your own? Would you consider re-editing it or sampling something off of it?

Someone just asked me the same question and i don’t know, i would say a Jimi Hendrix live tape, but i’m not sure. Would that be good for re-editing… maybe.

Have you been to Miami before? If not what have you heard besides watching Miami Vice, Dexter, and Flipper? Is there something you would really like to do, see, or eat while you’re here?

Yes, i’ve been there a couple of times, when i was a baby and i drowned in a swimming pool, later for Miami Art Basel and 2 years ago for the WMC. Is there any kind of food specialties in Miami? If there is i’d like to try that.

What’s next for Joakim?

After an intense 6 months working for other bands as a producer, i’m hoping to work on some music for myself. It can be a bit frustrating when you work on other people’s music for too long. But it’s good frustration, it gives you an urge to make something on your own.

We’re super excited about hosting Joakim at The Electric Pickle this Saturday April 21st.  Patrick and I will be warming up the upstairs dance floor for ya’ll. We also have a few pairs of tickets to give away.


Ticket Giveaway:

1. Like our facebook fan page and view the trivia question

2. Email the answer to with “Joakim giveaway” in the subject line.

3. We’ll email you by the end of the week if you won



Joakim – Forever Young

Joakim – Nothing Gold (Todd Terje Remix)

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  1. April 21, 2012 9:42 pm

    I’m so glad I stumbled on this post. I love Joakim but haven’t heard him in so long. Listening to him right now! Credit to this interview. 🙂


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