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April 14, 2012
iamamiwhoami are an enigmatic multimedia collective composed of woodland elves who create that innovative, dark electronic music we have grown to adore coming out of… guess? Yeah, Sweden. Again.

The members of the group aren’t so easily found except for Jonna Lee, a singer-songwriter who spends most of her time galavanting half naked in her Bjorn Born undies, strutting her goods while singing like a cute little elven goddess. Their primary mode of media dissemination is there youtube page, where you can find an assortment of brilliantly directed short films, sound collages and music videos with catchy tittles like, “t” and “b” and “20101104“. They plan on releasing their first physical release, an audio visual album called Kin, some time this summer via Co-operative Music.

Of all the videos I am particularly fond of “play,” a psychedelic liquid-bass anthem that creates those feelings of elation and beauty you might get from running through a wheat field on a sunny day… that might just be me though. In the video you can find Jonna Lee dancing around with what seems to be a group of dancing Cousin Its (ala Adam’s Family), or this case cousin Svens. “Good Worker” is jawsome as well.

Posted by Posted by Laurence “Pucho” Henriquez
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