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Leo Zero

April 9, 2012

Leo Zero is a man of many hats and all his hats well developed and truly sophisticated. He’s a graphic designer, art director, sound designer, producer, DJ, and live artist. His client list includes Junior Boys, Sony, Florence & The Machine, Metronomy, Everything But the Girl, Lou Reed & David Bowie, Badly Drawn Boy, Basement Jaxx, Virgin, Ford, Nintendo, Microsoft and the list goes on and on as you read about each of his disciplines. He’s also collaborated on a few live projects in the past  such as Chicane,  Dab Hands, and  A Mountain of One.

I personally love that he’s been around for ages and is currently helping bring the acid vibe back. I think people are ranting and raving about deep house lately but lets not forget all the other awesome classic dance sub-genres that got house music to where it is today. His latest LP Acid Life reps the 90s, house, disco, pop, and everything else we remember dancing to in junior high.

Leo Zero – Komputa Gamez

Leo Zero – Energy

Ce Ce Peniston – Finally [Leo Zero Remix]

Purchase Acid Life


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