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Moon Boots

April 5, 2012

I was lucky enough to open for Crystal Fighters at our Kitsune Club night party during WMC. My computer was set up at the DJ booth behind the band’s gear and I stepped out for a minute to get a bite to eat. When I came back the Crystal Fighters guys asked if Gigamesh was doing the opening DJ set, I said no, told them I was, and asked why they thought that. They explained that they were looking at my playlists and noticed Moon Boots and some other rare newbies. They said they never imagined local Miami DJs played that type of stuff. I had to explain we DEFINITELY play that stuff and that Gigamesh actually used to be a local DJ down here.

Ok so now some info from Moon Boots on Moon Boots: (FROM HIS FACEBOOK PAGE)

Moon Boots entered the world in the mid-1980s via Cape Canaveral. After years of service as the preferred footwear of celebrity astronauts (notably Tom Hanks), Moon Boots came to life during a classified experiment aboard the International Space Station. Little is known of what actually transpired aboard the shuttle, but in short, Moon Boots became a sentient creature, equipped with reason, intuition, and groove. Before long, he grew tired of working for the space-military-industrial complex and found solace in the soothing sounds of underground disco and R&B boogie records. He knew it was only of matter of time before he was hung up like so many boots before him. He abandoned the program and used his savings to build a music-production studio in an unnamed U.S. location, where he is currently working.

He has already been playlisted worldwide by the likes of Aeroplane and the Magician, and hit the #2 spot on the Beatport Indie Dance / Nu Disco chart. With a slew of originals and remixes on the way for 2012, the future looks bright for Moon Boots.


Moon Boots – Off My Mind (Original Mix)

Moon Boots – Got Somebody


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