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Bear In Heaven

April 4, 2012
Every so often an album comes around and hits everybody upside the head like a giant glistening diamond falling from the sky, inducing unstoppable movement of the hips and feet as you dance to it all night long alone in your underwear. This post is about one one of those kinds of albums.
Some years ago, a good friend of mine turned me on to this stand out band called Bear In Heaven with their acclaimed 2009 release, Beast Rest Fourth MouthDespite my bias towards electronic and hip-hop music, their unique fusion of kraut rock and shoe gaze-influenced electronica has a soft place in my heart. It is reminiscent of My BloodyValentine’s Loveless but with more modern, “indier” sensibilities.
After hearing that they were releasing a new LP I’ve been patiently waiting for another taste. That day has come and, might I add, the wait was well worth it. With I Love You, It’s Cool, Bear In Heaven has completely transformed their sound, going the route of Dan Snaith’s Swim by moving out of the dark bedroom and on to the dance floor. They teamed up with John Lee from the PFFR Art Collective, of Wonder Showzen fame for a highly disorienting but magnificent video of their first single, Reflections of You.
In the modern idiom of 140 character tweets and 40 second attention spans, people sometimes treat music like a cheap whore, downloading Pitch Fork “Best Music” or “Best Track” picks so fast they can’t even remember what they were listening to 2 months ago because they’ve been too obsessed with the newest collab between the meme Lana del Ray and [insert here] indie starlet. Thankfully, we have artists who rise above the hype and create cohesive albums that are a treat to listen to from beginning to end. By year’s end I predict this album will be on most top 10 lists, mark my works. You need to listen to the whole album from beginning to end because quite literally, every track is amazing. Enjoy.

You can stream the whole album HERE via NPR

Posted by Laurence “Pucho” Henriquez

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