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Terranova Interview

March 22, 2012

I know most of you are already knee deep in insanity that is Miami Music Week (God’s speed), but between your periods of debauche the following might make for an entertaining read. I recently had a conversation with Fetisch, veteran producer and one half of electronic dance duo Terranova. Their latest release on Kompakt, Hotel Amour, is an exquisite slice of house excellence with some gems that I would like to share with you today.

So what is your background?

I was born in Berlin, raised in London and grew up in New York City.

When I was a kid my dad was working for IBM so we moved around a lot. As I grew up I always was involved in music. This kind of music I make is universal. I am always looking for new challenges, and new people.

Do you feel a lot has changed since your days of DJing in NYC during the birth of the modern club scene in the early 90’s?

I think America has changed a lot since the 90’s. New York used to be very raw and wild place where anything could happen at anytime. Now it’s just… safe. It’s the same streets but—I dunno— safe for grannies. Safety is good thing but on the other hand it is not good for culture. Culture strives most in chaos and, you know, desperation. You get the most cutting edge things when people have to struggle to be the great artist.

Do you feel like that happened to modern house music as well?

I was there when electronic music beginning gaining wider popularity. I still play some of those old records from back in the day. I look back and see where things came form but to be clear I do not believe
in revivalism, the machines back then had a particular sound. I think looking back there is no point in copying the sound of the 80’s and early 90’s. You can’t pretend that your making a 30 year old record.

So you just released the LP Hotel Amour  (italics) on Kompakt not too long ago, what is the background to the name?

Basically we worked on most of the tracks in Paris. We went to this place called Hotel Amour where we had lunch and hung out a lot. It inspired how we approached the album because like a hotel gets
different people from different backgrounds every night, our album hosts different kinds of artists and styles of music.

I’ve been digging “Paris Is For Lovers (My Love)” a lot, great track. Wasn’t this floating around a while before the release of Hotel Amour?

Thanks! Originally we used the Justin Timberlake acapella but someone got a hold of it and it was bootlegged. The bootleg is how we started it as a sketch, only ideas of what we wanted. Eventually we finished it with new vocals from Thomas Høffding from WhoMadeWho. There is a different version on the vinyl release where the vocals are an octave lower.

When we were initially in contact you were regularly flying between Berlin to Paris to work in the studio, any future projects?

We’ve been working on remixes for Gui Borrato, recording some new stuff, and playing some gigs when they come. In June we are releasing a remix album of Hotel Amour called Night Porter. It will have 12 remixes from the likes of Kink, Gui Borrato and others.

I recently moved to the Netherlands and I am slowly learning about the local music scene. Would you recommend anything for me to check out from the Benelux region?

There is this label I like a lot from the Netherlands called Rush Hour, I get a lot of their stuff, very strong releases.

Last question. There is a lot of madness going down in South Florida at the moment with Miami Music Week and all. Have you ever attended or have plans on attending Winter Music Conference this year?

You know I’ve never been to Miami. Some time ago I was invited to go to WMC but there was a scheduling conflict so I didn’t end up making it…I would like to go to Miami though!

I sure wish I was down with all of your in Miami for Music Week, I know I am going be missing a lot of great shows but alas, that is my burden. I will always be in Miami in my heart!

Terranova – Hotel Amour (Featuring Everybody)

Terranova – Paris Is For Lovers (My Love) (Featuring Tomas Høffding)



By Laurence ‘Pucho’Henriquez

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