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Music For A World Unknown

March 8, 2012

So they say that Dissident Records died back in 2009.  This UK label, headed by notorious EDM aficionado Andy Blake achieved cult status for its consistent top-notch quality and refreshingly purist approach to recording and distributing music.  With little to no internet presence or marketing outreach, the label simply let the music speak for itself.  It was built with a lofty and genuine ideal, and low and behold, they came.  Featuring artists such as Den Haan, Hard Ton, Cage & Aviary, Clap Rules, Neville Watson and many others, Dissident was on a roll.  But like I said, the label closed shop back in 2009 and Blake has moved on to his new projects, Cave Paintings and In Plain Sight.  However, releasing a compilation for ol’ time’s sake never hurts, thus we have Veros Artis Volume 4: Music For A World Unknown.  As expected, the 10-track release gives us a good taste of that left-of-center disco, techno and house that made the label famous including a few previously unreleased tracks.  You can buy the compilation HERE

G&S- Show Me The Good Times

Photonz- Compulsion

Cave Paintings- 1y

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