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Bear Damen’s Latest Remix

March 6, 2012

If there is anyone who embodies the saying “you are your own worst critic” it is Bear Damen of NON Records.  The multi-talented owner/producer/videographer/

graphic artist of the Dutch label previewed several yet to be released demos and songs of his during my tenure there.  To me, these “rough drafts” sounded ready for the dance floor, but to Bear they had to be perfect.  I will admit I’m the impatient type, and weary of this, especially when patience pays off.  Well, seems like Bear has proven again to be worth the wait, with his finished copy of his remix of Das Pop’s “Skip the Rope” being another classic from the NON catalogue.  My only hope is that some of the other gems I heard snippets of will eventually emerge soon too.  I am impatience, anyways…

Das Pop – Skip the Rope (Bear Damen’s Broadway Remake)

Bear Damen – Failures And Wins

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