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The Hacker

March 4, 2012

We would like to personally thank The Hacker for naming his latest track after us… “Night Drive” 😉

Michel Amato aka The Hacker is mostly known for pioneering the Electroclash scene in the early 2000s, however he’s been around since way before that. I remember being obsessed with his Miss Kittin collaborations 10 years ago. I’m happy he’s still poppin’ out tracks.


In the mid 1990s, The Hacker began producing electro-pop with his friend, Caroline Hervé (AKA Miss Kittin). DJ Hell loved their first track Gratin Dauphinois on Technics and signed them on his new label Gigolo in 1997. In Germany, their success was immediate owing to the releases of Champagne and Intimités. With the dawn of the electroclash music movement in 2001 and the release of their First Album and its single “Frank Sinatra“, they became popular worldwide. The Hacker is also sought-after as a producer, and has done remixes for Marc Almond, Fischerspooner, Air, and Nitzer Ebb.

In 2002 after their U.S. tour, The Hacker and Miss Kittin decided to take a break from their collaborative projects. The Hacker took this opportunity to produce many new tracks released vinyl, such as The Beach on Mental Groove and Dance Industria on Tiga‘s label Turbo. He collaborated with Kiko, Alexander Robotnick, millimetric and David Carretta, touring all over the globe as a DJ and started work on his next album.

The Hacker – Night Drive

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