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February 27, 2012

Daphni is a moniker of one named Daniel Victor Snaith. Like many of you I do not usually research the real name of every DJ out there, but when I do its because I am for a lack of a better word, “obsessed” with them.

Snaith is the mastermind behind Caribou, whose 2010 album Swim was at the top of all [relevant] best of lists. He collaborates regularly with Kieren Hebden (Four Tet), Marshall Allen (Sun Ra Arkestra) and numerous other venerable DJs, jazz musicians, and people whose music we adore but probably never fully understand. Apart from being a musical genius, he also holds a PhD in Maths from Imperial College in London… not bad for a Canadian (jk, I love that place).

Snaith has transformed his sound a lot over the years between Manitoba and Caribou’s various albums, but on a more personal level Caribou throws some of the best live shows I’ve ever seen and Swim is easily one of my favorite albums of the last decade. But alas I digress… let’s get down to what everyone really cares about here: Fuckin’ jams.

With a handful of releases (all of which are amazing) via Resista and Snaith’s very own Jiaolong Records, Daphni’s music consists of original songs, edits, and remixes that range from minimal yet soulful dance floor bangers like “Yes, I know”, to edits of ‘Chimurenga’, a genre of music from Zimbabwe played with electric instruments that is inspired by traditional Shona Mbira music.

Daphni doesn’t really have one defining sound but rather a mish mash of varying genres that Snaith enjoys and wishes to share with us. With that I bid you ado, happy listening!

Daphni – Mapfumo

Daphni – JIAOLONG001


Daphni – Ye Ye (released on a split with Four Tet)

By: Laurence ‘Pucho’ Henriquez

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