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Aquarius Heaven

February 7, 2012

I have two words for you: Aquarius Heaven.

Upon discovering the INSANE music video for “You Can’t Buy Love”, I decided to embark on a deep websploration to find out who this crazy SOB actually was. It feels like watching the intro to Goldfinger on Ibogaine while being immersed in an absurdly enjoyable amount of gold, women, and nudity. Priceless.

Before transforming into the voodoo sex shaman he is today, to the world Aquarius Heaven was a Reggae/Dancehall/ Hip Hop artist known as Brain Brewster. According to his Facebook page, at some point in 2005 he said, “Fuck it”, and moved
to Paris.

He fortuitously hooked up with dOP, a Parisian electronic-trio who influenced him to fuse modern tech-house and his intrinsic afro-centric sensibilities to create what we know now as Aquarius Heaven. In 2010 he released “Universe”, which was closely followed by his first official release, “Before U Go”. Now signed to both Wolf + Lamb and Circus Company, he finds himself in the presence of some of the world’s hottest DJs.

For those of you who are in Miami for WMC this year, you can find yourself in his presence at Last Resort at Villa 221 on March 25th with more or less the greatest assembly of modern DJs on the planet…

Lucky bastards.

Aquarius Heaven- You Can’t Buy Love

Aquarius Heaven – Coat of arms (mix)

Posted by: Laurence “Pucho” Henriquez


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