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February 6, 2012

2011 in many respects can be called the year of Bass in the US, where the mainstream finally realizing what electronic music is again (not). In 2012 many see it as being the final year of the Mayan Calendar and are expecting an apocalypse.

Though I think this is nonsense and prescribe to my own nonsensical dogmas, one only has too look to the sham that is the Grammy’s as a definite sign that our civilization not on the right side of history. None other than Skrillex will be going up for not one, not two, but FIVE awards. Well, there goes the neighborhood. Thankfully for us, there is good music to be found from around this beautiful world. Today I have for you one called Kuedo, whose debut Severant was on by top 10 last year.

Kuedo’s style is a machination of heavy bass, dark new wave circa 1982 and, last but not least, a massive dose of Blade Runner.  The Berlin-based producer is signed to Planet-Mu and is carving his own path musically by creating distinctly sinister beats that, at least for me, is a breath of fresh air in the field of bass heavy music.

The music whisks me to a dystopian 80’s view of the future, where despite the shitty flying cars, one world government and constant feeling of dread and dismay, our future generations had the sensibility to hook up sub-woofers to everyone conceivable surface to sooth our sorry souls. Enjoy.

Kuedo – Ant City

Kuedo – Truth Flood

Posted by: Laurence ‘Pucho’ Henriquez

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