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New We Have Band

January 25, 2012

Aiight guys this post is going to be a straight copy paste type deal. The info is straight from the band and I would rather you guys read it directly than paraphrase:

We Have Band are back with their new LP Ternion, due for  release on February 28th

Here’s a few words from TomWHB on Ternion Aside: “it was inspired by The League Unlimited Orchestra’s ‘Love and Dancing’ Album. The idea of taking component parts from an original album recording and re-imagining them – creating a new and unique piece of music from what already existed whilst trying not to take a conventional remix approach. The 1st 5 tracks from ‘Ternion’ all worked within this concept and we love the way the music becomes something else.”

Dede Wegg-Prosser: The first album was us getting together and having fun. We really weren’t expecting anyone else to hear it or come watch us play it. Whereas this time we knew we were making a record with the knowledge that people would be listening, it gives you a very different mindset.

Darren Bancroft: We were very aware of where out first album sat and whilst we were happy with it we knew it wasn’t a place we wanted to revisit. We knew there was a task ahead of us in writing this record; we needed to write a different kind of record. People would say to us oh you’re a ‘buzz band’ or ‘you’re an electro band’ and that was fine, but for us it was also clear it was time to move forward.


We Have Band – Watertight

We Have Band – Where Are Your People? (Walls Remix)

Download Ternion EP Sampler

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