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Starfucker Interview + Ticket Giveaway

January 19, 2012

That’s right kids STRFKR is finally hitting Miami. The Portland indie dance poppers will be playing Bardot’s red carpet this Friday January 20th, it’s an early show so don’t be on the typical Miami-time schedule. Patrick and I will be spinning some tunes before they go on, I’m excited.

We first blogged about Starfucker about a year ago so if you’re looking for biographical info please check out our last post. However, if you want to get to know front man Josh Hodges’ personality a tiny bit better keep reading:


We have a great time finding name alternatives for the band when playing their songs on FM radio… What do you guys like best: Star-effer, Starfudger, or Starfurker? Any other suggestions?

Star-effer is probably the most easily understood when you say it, so I think that’s the best one to go with.

Online sources say Joshua started theband as a solo project, how did the other members get involved and what inspired their addition? Did you guys all link up in Portland?

We just met at gay bars and I put ads out for musicians in different local papers. The reason I wanted other people involved in the band was to have more guys to hang out and talk with on tour.

So you guys dress in drag sometimes during live shows, any particular style you prefer? Do you guys go shopping for women’s clothing (if so where) or do you take it from family members?

Yeah! My mom likes the fact that we dress in drag, and my ex-girlfriend also really liked it so they both helped, but I haven’t gone shopping in awhile. My uncle is a Liza Minnelli impersonator so I grew up around it and believe that you should be able to do whatever you want. I’d say I look best as an old lady, like Barbara Bush or something like that, but Shawn (bassist) looks good in slutty clothes because he has the body for it.

Whats the strangest requirement on the Starfucker’s rider?

When we were in Austin we asked for banana splits and actually got them! They set up this cool ice cream bar for us. But no, we generally keep it pretty normal, water and beer and whatnot, try not to be stupid about it.

What band have you guys most enjoyed touring with or performing with and why?

Painted Palms, easily. They’re an awesome band and I love their music. Plus, they’re super nice guys and fun to hang out with on tour.

Favorite type of venue to play at? Do you prefer smaller intimate venues, huge spaces with tons of people, indoors, outdoors…? Where do you feel most comfortable?

I like indoor, medium-sized venues like Bowery Ballroom, Great American Music Hall or the El Rey in Los Angeles. We like to be closer to people and anything bigger than that creates a separation between the fans and the band. At our shows we try to create a united feeling so that there’s no gap between us and the crowd. Medium sized venues are conducive to that I think.

If you were to come to Miami for a vacation what would you do here? Any particular spots you would HAVE to visit?

Well actually we’ll be vacationing in Miami because the tour ends in Miami and we’ll be staying for a few days afterwards. My plan is to hang out on the beach and read. I don’t know too much about Miami, but I’ll probably try to get some Puerto Rican food or something.

TICKET GIVEAWAY: (you + a guest)

1. Like our Facebook page (click here)

2. You’ll see the trivia question on our wall

3. The answer goes in the comments section (on the facebook page)

4. Winner will be chosen at random

– We’ll announce who won on Friday –


Starfucker – Born

Starfucker – Julius (Painted Palms Remix)

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