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Why Beezy Interview

January 11, 2012

You wanna see some ass? I wanna see some CASH!!!!

Remember those words from that Travis Porter clubbanger “Make it Rain” from 2010? I certainly did when I clicked on WHY BEEZY’s soundcloud and heard his reworked version “Mek it Rain,” but def was not expecting the sea-punk bath water sounds, a siphoning of Paris is Burning era snares and out of nowhere footwork bangers. WHY BEEZY aka DJ Yung Bukkake is based in Copenhagen, Denmark, originally hailing from South Korea, and captures an all-at-once aesthetic available from where I met him on the Internet.

In the age of heightened Internet exposure and the hyperspeed that media can pass across borders, genres, and locales, YB takes you through the oversaturated realm of commercial hip-hop (that I can’t help but love) and repurposes it with the oversaturation and bombardment of all the Internet genres that have been dominant in the past few years. Footwork, juke, drum-n-bass, impossible snare and hi-hat combos dominate the sound, but don’t plan on expecting to know what’s around any corner.

What are your plans for 2012?

To get busy. In every department.

Dude, Copenhagen?  What’s the local scene like there and do you think it has an impact on your sound?

I really see people stuck in wobble and dancehall. Disco, indie and tech house will always be a thing here too I guess. There are healthy environments of local rappers, noise, tropical bass and diff kinds of rock but none of it is consistent. It feels like people don’t really believe in new shit until they’ve seen a clerk from their fav clothing store fist pump it on iTunes.

How has the Internet been a resource for collaborations?  Who is Lisbent?

Without it I wouldn’t be in contact with all the cool people I know today. I can be a really awkward person sometimes so the internet offers me the right circumstances to interact with people.

Lisbent is the best musician in Denmark. No doubt. He’s done everything from breakcore, acid, technoid to footwork and 3ball. I know from through the SYGNOK fam and we have joined forces in Virtual Crack Distribution Services.

Who do you wanna work with in 2012 but haven’t in past?

Well I am doing this new thing with E+E, Diamond Black Hearted Boy and Craxxxmurf. I have no idea what it’s gonna sound like but I def have a good feeling about it. Hopefully I’ll be able to play with Vituel more often. He’s made some videos for me and I adore his stuff.

Dj Yung Bukkake – u bad for that 1 man, sup wit the name?   Will Why Beezy be yr name when u get them official stacks?

Bukkake was just basically how I pictured a person trying to keep up with internet movements and such. You’re sprayed down from every angle trying to pay attention to the whole circle.  

The initials ‘YB’ (as in ‘Yung Bangers’) have also been used by Dj Nate and I remember Lisbent mentioning how cool it was that Nate blended existential thoughts with footwork beats. He had heard ‘YB’ as ‘Why be’.

After that I started to spell it out.

Touring or producing- which is better?

I really enjoy both. I like to fill a room with sound and then go home and change what didn’t sound right. It’s like putting a track up. When first people can grab it and listen to it on their phone I just pay more attention to what the different parts sound like.


Lisbent-Drive Me Crazy (Lisent Ourboard) Why Be’s No Hands Remix

Why Be- Money Up lol Mix

Guest Post by Kevin Mason

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