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Chico Mann’s Pajarito

January 10, 2012

I’m a bit of a bird freak, I own 3 parrots and love all things avian. If I could get a sweatshirt with my Conure’s face airbrushed on it I would sport it at the most important of occasions. That’s why I freaking LOVE Chico Mann‘s track “Pajarito”. Some of you guys (Miami locals) may have caught his shows at Bardot or Vagabond which were both really good. The track is super Miami friendly with it’s latin vocals and electro funk beat.

Background info on the Mann:

“The sounds of Africa have taken multi-instrumentalist Chico Mann—aka Marcos García—all over the world. So itʼs fitting that after spending years learning to speak Afrobeat, albeit with a Cuban accent, Chico Mann has employed several dialects to make a larger musical statement, creating a hybrid of Afro-Cuban rhythms, Afrobeat and classic freestyle that has emerged to be one of the new, vibrant musical styles of today.

Born in New York City to Cuban parents—his mother a pianist and disc jockey, his father a record label head and producer of merengue records—a young Chico started early, diving headlong into the spheres of guitar, piano, and break dancing; the works of Willie Colón, Fela Kuti, Lisa Lisa, and Afrika Bambaataa led the way. His father told him to steer clear of the business, but did he really have a choice?”

Chico Mann – Pajarito

My bird really likes this song:



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