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Benny Sings

December 15, 2011

Benny Sings is Steely Dan, Giorgio Moroder, Christoper Cross, and The Bee Gees combined into one dude, yes holy shit is right. This guy answers the question “what happened to yacht rock?” I’m so impressed by his latest album ART and can’t wait to be invited on someone’s boat so just so I can play it. Fantastic stuff!!

Benny’s thoughts on ART:

Benny Sings has finally graduated. With his new album Art, which was released on 27 May 2011, the multifaceted producer/composer/singer feels that it has all come together. ‘Making albums is a learning process. “After every album I felt as if I completed another year at the Benny Sings Music University. And Art is my graduation project. It’s the finale to my ten years of toil. I now have my diploma. It represents my first work as a mature artist – my first real “work of art’’.

Benny Sings -Each Other

Benny Sings – Big Brown Eyes


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