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Geneva Jacuzzi Interviewed

November 30, 2011

I’m super psyched about seeing Geneva Jacuzzi play this Thursday at Mamushka’s. Her shows are supposed to be cray cray thus perfect for Art Basel. I can also tell from our emails that she’s a rad chick. Having toured with John Maus, conquered Ariel Pink, and being cool with jumping on a flight to Miami at the drop of a dime says tons about the girl – truly rad. Just wait till you see her videos which will make you definitely want to catch the show. It’s like our ol friend Moshe posted on Facebook “Be careful not to look into her eyes or you might get… stoned”

Here’s her official bio:

Geneva Jacuzzi (aka Geneva Garvin) fronted a number of mysterious and fleeting performances under hilarious and perfunctory aliases (Pregnant, Hot Pajamas, Sex Carpet) before building her permanent home in Bubonic Plague. Her music is quasi-occult mystery, flippant wit and quizzical torch, enshrined in the unsuspecting and jazzy veneer of sundry electronic music styles that range from darkwave goth-lounge to tropicalia.

Interview (probably my favorite interview on this blog so far)

One of the most recognizable aspects of Geneva Jacuzzi are the multiple characters that you play. I’ve noticed a greek goddess, 80s model, post-punk Cleopatra, and 90s teen, how do you conceptualize all the alter personas? Are they character references, manifestations of your personality, or just random creations?

Greek Goddess (Love Caboose vid) – 2 characters – Aphrodite and Medusa. Song is about Medusa sung through the voice of a god who embodies the thing that brings her complete suffering (love/procreation/Venus/Aphrodite). It’s a tragedy. A double wammy. But who’s the villain? The victim? Let’s just blame the Love Caboose..

Punk Cleopatra (Bad Moods vid) – Not Cleopatra but actually. “Salome”.  Daughter of Herodias. Stepdaughter of King Herod. A biblical story. Salome was responsible for cutting off the head of John the Baptist. Could be considered a bitch if you’re a fan of Christ. Side note – her dad was hot for her. Possible incest… is this a Moral dilemma? Does it matter?
There’s also a bunch of other characters like… Rozbo, Zygote, Mime, Obelisk King, Bad Lieutenant, Idiot Dancer, Dracula, Reverend Science, Laundry Ghost…. plus a few product characters like Blood Phallus Fishfood, Swanface Aerosol Laundry Softener, Wandering Tights, etc…  Would Love to talk about all of these but that would take months..  
80’s model? don’t know about that one. Maybe it’s just me looking hot or something.  Point being…  I haven’t even answered the question yet..

OK, maybe some of them are random, some not, but it’s hard to know what’s what in a world where people think that “Geneva Jacuzzi” is a real person. You follow me?

Tell us a little bit about the song writing process, how do you come up with song themes and lyrics? What’s your favorite line from one of your own tracks?

Easy.. I found a car service that manufactures it’s own destination. You get into the car and by the time you get out of the car you are right back where you started but with a song that sprouted up sometime in the Future Past. You don’t ask questions. You just go with it. It gives you what you don’t want but that is really just the thing that you will want if you don’t really know what you want.

Ha Ha, I’m guessing this will end up being a line on one of my tracks so I choose it as my favorite.

You’ve been in a shitload of bands and projects. In what ways did they help you arrive at Geneva Jacuzzi? What’s been your favorite collaboration so far?

For some reason, I really dislike band practice. It’s kind of boring. Maybe that’s why I went solo. My favorite collaborations were the ones where we didn’t have band practice. Bands like Vibe Central and Obelisk. Those were the coolest

You were recently on tour with John Maus, who I saw this year at SXSW. For a one man act his live performance is very compelling and energetic, at one point he was shoving the mic into his eye socket. What did you take from that particular tour experience and how did it affect your live shows?

Well, to be honest, John is my friend… and I don’t really like seeing any of my friends or loved ones shoving things into their eye sockets. But the tour was great. One of the best times of my life. Both John Maus and Puro Instinct are amazing live. Plus, it’s great to not have to sit in a van with a bunch of dweebs for 4 weeks.

I’ve noticed visuals are a big part of your brand, both on stage and off. You’re website, logo, and video backdrops all have a common aesthetic. Give us three words you think best describe the visual vibe.

1. Very
2. Geneva
3. Jacuzzi

If you could build a set for all your live shows what would it look like? (Very hypothetical question so please go all out)

It wouldn’t look like anything but it would be hooked up to your brain via technology or telepathy. It would recreate the exact thing that you think you are seeing.. well… at least for the first half of the show.

 I will have a manual controller to these observation fantasies on stage. It will resemble a delay pedal or something like that but it will actually be hooked up to your brain, my brain,  and everyone else’s brain in the audience. At some point durring the performance, I will start turning knobs and mixing up these fantasy frequencies. The result will be the ultimate on-stage morph effect. I will become beautiful, horrible, boring, colorful, and of course, Invisible…. all throughout the duration of one single performance. Then everyone else will experience their own morph as well…Plus everyone will at least get a flash of the on stage experience, which is totally fucked up, by the way.

And now for my all-time favorite question…What’s your musical guilty pleasure?

I think this is a perfect opportunity to introduce all of the readers to my new “Guilty Pleasure” product line. Each one is designed specifically to activate our Humanoid Pleasure Pain Malfunction towards random objects and abstract concepts.
It’s rather simple….  Ice cream is extra yummy because it makes you chubby. Smoking is relaxing because it gives you cancer… But what does music do? Nothing… There is Absolutely no reason to feel guilt about listening to music.. Could that be why it’s been sounding a little lackluster????

But who cares anyway?!  Just sprinkle a little Guilty Pleasure Parmesan Pop Cheese on your music and It quickly generates an identity crises strong enough to create the illusion of guilt towards any song, album, artist, genre….  thus immediately activating all the enjoyable pleasure receptors that have been connected (via the ever evolving Humanoid Pleasure Pain Malfunction) and Voila! Instant Audio Bliss!!!! You can rock out harder than ever before to just about anything.  But what about the music you already like? Sprinkle it on, and you will immediately start to see all the “reasons” why you should feel a little lame about it and then…. BAM!  it will sound even better than before.

Use as directed. May be used on books and pets. For friends, family, and colleagues, try Guilty Pleasure Passive Aggression Fruit Scented Candles.

How many cassette tapes do you own?

 I’m guessing maybe a couple hundred Jacuzzi 8-track tapes.. about ten mixed tapes and maybe five or six regular music tapes. There used to be more but I’ve recorded over most of them…

What have you heard about Art Basel?

I’ve heard that as far as art stuff is concerned, it’s a big one.

How do you picture Miami?

Warm and sunny. Tanned and toned.

What’s next for Geneva Jacuzzi?

Miami, silly. After that.. I don’t know.. Maybe some commercials.


Geneva Jacuzzi – Do I Sad?

Geneva Jacuzzi – Clothes on My Bed



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  1. Luke permalink
    December 1, 2011 8:59 am

    I love this woman!

  2. Heather from Westchester permalink
    December 1, 2011 12:01 pm

    She’s awesome. Look forward to seeing Jacuzzi in the flesh tonight!


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