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Housse de Racket Interview & Ticket Give-Away

November 29, 2011

Smack dab in the middle of Art Basel, here in Miami, The Fillmore will be hosting a fully French concert with Kitsuné’s Housse de Racket opening for electro-pop trio Yelle.  As I found out in the interview below, this will be their first US gig ever so props to Miami for making waves.  Victor and Pierre have seen a quick rise to international fame with their fast paced synth infused guitar rock.  In August they debuted their first release off the Kitsuné label, Alesia.  Learn how you can win a pair of tickets to the show below!

Nightdrive: Rumor has it that you two met as session musicians for Air and Phoenix, tell us how the sparks flew.
Housse de Racket: This is a urban legend with a slice of truth! We played as session musicians for Air and Phoenix but we already knew each other for a long time. We met at the music school when we were teenagers. But still, playing with these guys was a great experience.
ND: Kitsuné has always been a favorite of Nightdrive.  How did you hook up with one of the most influential contemporary indie labels?
HdR: When we started to work with Zdar, who produced the last Phoenix, Rapture and Beastie Boys records, the attention on us changed a little bit. Gildas Loaec, Kitsuné’s founder, came to the studio and had a listen on our new tracks. We think he really wanted to sign a French act. He first put “Chateau” on the Kitsuné Maison Compilation 10 and then invited us to play on a Kitsuné party in Paris. We signed with them one month later! We’re very happy and proud to work with them and to be part of the family !
ND: You’ll be performing in Miami on December 2nd with fellow French trio Yelle.  How have the US tour stops been so far?  Have you performed with Yelle before this tour?
HdR: Actually the Miami gig is already very special because it’s gonna be our first US gig ever!
Yes, we already played with Yelle twice in Paris but it was on the previous tour. Their show is incredible, we love them!
ND: You write songs in both English and French.  Which do you prefer? Do you ever feel pressured to write in English because of the world market?
HdR: Our first record “Forty Love” was entirely in French. Singing in English is very new to us so it’s maybe more exciting. We can’t ignore that English is the language of pop music but we don’t feel any world market pressure… we just write as it comes!
ND: One of my favorite questions- If you had a day off in Miami, what would you do?
HdR: Have some cocktails by a beautiful swimming pool (maybe the Raleigh one!), see the Everglades & check some crocos.
ND: In one word, describe what we can expect from your Miami performance.
HdR: Epic
ND: What’s next for Housse de Racket after the tour?
HdR: We’re going to a little Asia tour around New Year’s Eve, then Europe and we gonna come back in the US for springtime!!
And now for the quiz:
What famous French producer helped Housse de Racket on their latest album Alesia?
Email your answers with your full name to  The Twentieth correct answer will be walking into the Fillmore for free with a friend on December 2nd!
Housse de Racket- Roman
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