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Lazaro Casanova

November 23, 2011

Laz is by far one of my favorite Miami producers although his reputation resonates beyond our Magic City. His new EP Our Kind of Love (off his own label petFood) is exactly the kind of house music that makes me happy. It’s classic sounding and reminds me of the good stuff they used to play at clubs when I was sneaking in with a fake IDs. It’s unpretentious good ol’ house.

I know the guy gets booked all over the world but somehow him and Oscar G have time to hold down Wednesday nights at one of the most authentic spots in Miami – Hoy Como Ayer. I recently had the pleasure spinning at their “Tropicasa” party and gotta say it was probably one of the most pleasant gigs I’ve had in a while. Everyone gets to play whatever they want and if the DJs are having fun chances are the room is happy. Loved the party as much as I love Laz’s music.

Official description:

Lazaro Casanova is a full time groove-making producer, DJ, & label owner. A brooklyn art school drop-out who was always deeply immersed in music one way or the other. Sailing from Miami, FL he has anchored himself to innovate and push forward thinking music while heavily borrowing that rare good feeling from the classic house days. Proven time traveler, skilled astronaut, and professional Cuban, expect to hear an eclectic array of sounds spanning from anywhere and everywhere.

Lazaro Casanova – Mhm, Yeah Yeah (control click + save as to download)

Our Kind of Love EP (Out this Friday on Beatport!)

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