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November 17, 2011

The Non Records family seems to be growing and expanding by the day. Nightdrive has had a very nice friendship with these guys since our WMC show with Palmbomen at bar last year, so we’re always thrilled to hear about their new releases and latest projects. The label’s overall sound is extremely original, pleasant, smart, and somewhat nostalgic – all characteristics that will guarantee a post on our blog.

Today I’m particularly excited about Non because Marius is releasing a vinyl version of Things We Did E.P.!

If you’re reading from Amsterdam make sure to catch him live tonight at Paradiso with Com Truise. For those of you unfamiliar with Marius please check Non’s short description of him:

“The layered sound Marius produces is the result of a calculating approach to creation. His electro sound strives to embody a narrative quality, avoiding traditional pop structure for instead more linear results. His use of samples from instrumental tracks conjure scenes of cinematic proportions, wavering somewhere between 60s era James Bond and cult classics such as Kill Bill. The rippling sonic delight of NON’s wonder-boy avoids traditional categorization with powerful results.”

Anyway, if you like what you just read and have now become a Marius fan, we invite you to participate in our Things We Did E.P vinyl giveaway. Mind you it’s going to take a few weeks for the package to get here from across the pond (Amsterdam), but if you want an awesome Non Records release please follow the instructions below:

Vinyl giveaway:

1. Visit both Nightdrive’s facebook fan page and Marius’ page and like them both. You will need to do this to find the trivia answer and then to post the answer.

2. Answer this question:

Which artist charted “Marius – Staniel Cay” last week? (hint: answer is to be found on his facebook)

3.  Go to the Nightdrive’s Facebook FAN page. We’ll have posted a  “Marius vinyl giveaway today on :::NIGHTDRIVEMIAMI.COM:::” status update…. please post the answer as a comment under this update.
4. We will be giving 2 copies away so spread the wurd – Winners will be chosen at random
Download: (Nightdrive Exclusive!!)

Marius – Yester

Stream the EP:
Get psyched:
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