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Beg To Differ (Wurst Music)

November 14, 2011

So I was up in New York for CMJ doing my college radio thing, shmoozing, watching awesome shows, spinning at a few spots, having fun. One of my gigs came about pretty last-minute and involved some nice surprises. 1) It was at a cool venue (Brooklyn Bowl – a bowling alley turned live music venue) 2) The people behind the show couldn’t be any cooler (shout out to Abbey at Virgin Mobile Radio) 3) The headliner was a surprise guest – turned out to be Datarock (nice guys even though I’m not a huge fan) 4) I had tickets to see Metronomy later that night so I was in a great mood 5) I met Roy (1/2 of Beg to Differ and one of the nicest people I’ve had the pleasure to spin with)

His set was right after mine so we had a few minutes to chat. Playing back to back with DJs you’ve never met can be hit or miss, a couple of nights prior to this the DJ after me was so eager to play he cut my song halfway through and then decided to take 20 minutes off my set. I was only given 1 hour but, I was nice nevertheless. So when I met Roy I was pleasantly surprised, he’s a super down-to-earth, humble, and knowledgeable guy. His set was phenominal and I when we started talking about Miami he mentioned he’d been booked at the Electric Pickle and was coming down here in a few weeks. Of course I thought to myself, those Pickle kids sure know what’s up.

Beg to Differ will be having their The Wurst Music Ever  album release party at The Electric Pickle on  Nov 19. I’ll be playing a Beg To Differ mix on Vamos a La Playa (WVUM 90.5 FM) Monday 11.14 from 5-6pm as a teaser for the show. Make sure to tune in on Monday and show up on Saturday.

Background – Artist Bio

Beg to Differ is a never-ending arm wrestling match of a musical marriage. Comprised of New Yorkers Roy Dank and Nick Chacona, the duo – both individually and together – has played the finest discotheques the world over, evangelizing their distinct brand of boom-chk to all comers. While Roy heads up cult label Wurst and Nick is a bonafide house music hero, together they form like a boogie-fied Voltron whose music has been championed by discerning DJs such as Holy Ghost!, Wolf + Lamb, Aeroplane, Mark E and Tim Sweeney to name but a few.

The Wurst Music Ever – Album Info

The Wurst Music Co proudly presents its very first full-length release, the aptly titled The Wurst Music Ever. Boasting ten brand new songs from Wurst stalwarts and newcomers to the sausage party alike, the compilation is a bold step forward for the cult New York label and is already being supported by the likes of Soul Clap, Harvey, Dimitri from Paris, and Radio Slave, amongst countless others.


What is Wurst Music? Who’s involved and why was it put together?

I originally started Wurst to have an outlet for my own edits, but shortly after putting the first Wurst Edits 12″ out and having heroes of mine like Carl Craig and Prins Thomas playing the record and loving the Wurst concept, I knew I was onto something. I was more shocked than anyone that my little creative pursuit had any measure of success. After all, these were edits of obscure early 80s leftfield dance music that came in sausage-covered sleeves. Shortly after kicking off the edits series, Jacques (Renault) gave me the very first Runaway release, “Ain’t Afraid To Beg”. Over time, it went from being this wacky vanity project that always brought a smile to people’s faces to something a bit more ambitious. I decided to end Wurst Edits at the tail end of 2008 to focus on releasing original music, and relaunched the label as The Wurst Music Co with Brennan Green’s “My First House”. I do the bulk of the work for the label, from A&R to creative direction to taking forever to write the press releases to producing the parties but I couldn’t do any of it without the encouragement of the artists, all of which I’m lucky to call friends.

Has there been someone in your life you can thank for getting you into music? Maybe an experience that helped you realize this was going to be for the rest of your life? I saw the Beat Street tour in Bogota at a run down movie theater in the early 80s and I think it set something off in my head…

My uncle gave me a stereo and 2 records when I was 5. The stereo had a record player, an 8-track tape deck and an AM/FM radio. The records were Bruce Springsteen Born in the USA and Styx Kilroy Was Here. From then on, I spent my pittance of a weekly allowance on records and promptly convinced my friends to start a Men at Work fanclub where we paid regular dues so we could buy instruments. That might’ve lasted all of a few weeks.

Tell us about Beg to Differ’s musical style?  How do you pick tracks to re-edit or remix? What’s your favorite track so far?

Nick and I both have quite a lot of similar musical passions, from boogie and disco to deep house and Detroit techno to 90s hip-hop and R&B to quirky 80s pop to dub reggae to post-punk. We’ve only done remixes to date, but our plans are to hole up this winter and finish our debut original material. I’d have to say my favorite is our remix of Max Skiba & Snax “One To Pray To”. “Be Africa” is right up there though!

Can you explain what the technical difference is between a re-edit and a remix? I know it’s pretty obvious but some people may not have a clue.

Don’t think it’s obvious to 99% of the folks out there, even the majority of music nerds. Re-edits or edits typically mean a reworking or rearrangement of an entire song whereas a remix involves using individual parts of the original song (vocals, synths, bass, etc.), adding your own parts and making something hopefully new and fresh that still clearly references the original. The lines are quite blurry these days, especially in dance music.

When we spun together at Brooklyn Bowl where you glanced at my computer screen and mentioned the artists I was was playing are your buddies, now you’re on tour in Europe with Juan MacLean. You’re obviously either really good at networking (despite producing awesome stuff) or you’ve been around for ages. What’s been key in getting your name out there and meeting all these amazing people?

Think it’s a combination of luck and skill. I’ve been DJ’ing in and around the city since the late 90s and touring Europe since the mid-2000s. Just did the Phonica in-store with Juan, not a whole tour. We had a blast together!


What’s that one record on vinyl in your collection that you keep behind a glass case (figuratively)? One that would cause you heartache if stolen or broken.

Loose Joints: Pop Your Funk (West End 12″)

I see that besides putting out great music Wurst also makes shorts? Who’s the designer and how does that whole process work? I want a pair 😉 …. No but seriously, Kitsune also has a clothing line, is this something labels are doing for fun and reputation or is it simply a supplementary revenue source?

I launched The Wurst Editions primarily because I wanted to try my hand at making menswear. To date, we’ve done two shirts and the shorts with Outlier. I’ve worked with pattern makers at this old shirting factory in Jersey to design the shirt I wanted, and sourced the fabrics from Italy and Spain. It was a shit ton of work, far more so than releasing music, but it’s been a helluva lot of fun. Music took over in mid-2010 but I’m hoping to release more clothing in the months to come.

So you’ll be in Miami at the Electric Pickle in a few days. Have you been to the Pickle before? What do people outside of Miami (aka your music buddies) say about the place?

I had the pleasure of playing there in January and had a blast. Maceo Plex was DJ’ing as well and my friends and I just danced all night. Can’t wait to come back with Nick this weekend!

What’s next for you, Beg To Differ, and Wurst music?

Studio, studio, studio. Nick and I will be recording all winter, working on original material. Next up on the label is Native Underground’s “Push 4 Love” remix EP with stellar reworks from Runaway and In Flagranti. After that are artist EPs from Name in Lights and Tiago. I’ll be back in Europe in the Spring for some gigs and will be doing just domestic gigs in early 2012.


Be Africa (Beg to Differ Remix) – Bibi Tanga & The Selenites

One To Pray To (Beg to Differ Remix) – Maximilian Skiba feat. Snax


The Wurst Website
The Wurst Soundcloud
The Wurst FB

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