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The Legendary 1979 Orchestra

November 13, 2011

Don’t get me wrong…. I like all the Nu Disco stuff but I’m still partial to the original 70s and 80s disco production quality and cheese factor. I think that’s why I love re-edits so much, they’re like 2.0 versions of classics. The Legendary 1979 Orchestra has done a great job with their re-edits and original productions. I’m glad I randomly bumped into these guys online and I’ll definitely be playing their stuff on my Vamos a La Playa shows.


“The orchestra was born and raised in Bucharest, Romania. Now it is residing in Utrecht, Netherlands, channeling all its experiences into music.

Releases started to be available since March 2011, they include vinyl and digital, most of them can be found over at Juno Records. Three of these releases were in top 3 positions in the bestsellers charts for Disco and House.
The orchestra played on stages in such places as Bucharest, Budapest, Amsterdam and Rotterdam.”

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