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Architecture in Helsinki Interview

November 10, 2011

Miami is fortunate to have Aussie indie pop outfit Architecture in Helsinki visiting us tomorrow along with Lo-Fi-Fnk and Dom at Grand Central.  After enjoying their music for years on WVUM, I’m stoked that their tour bus will finally be rolling in.  I asked lead singer Cameron Bird a few extremely complex and insightfully prodding questions and he was happy to entertain by inquisitive mind:

Nightdrive: In the past, the band has had up to eight members and is also known for its multi-instrumental live performance.  What are the advantages and challenges of being so dynamic?
Cameron Bird:  The key is :  Don’t think about it – Do it. We have never once stopped to think about why or how we do what we do.
It is what it is. Whether or not that is dynamic or advantageous is all in the eyes of the beholder! We just try to convey our ideas as clearly as possible.
ND: You have produced some very colorful and creative music videos.  You guys also look like you have a blast making them.  Which was your most memorable?
CB:  Making videos is always such an intense process. I’d say that our most recent clip for W.O.W, for me was my most favourite, that was mostly because I had a few days in the tropics swimming with an animatronic dolphin!
ND: Tell us a little about your latest album, Moment Bends.  From a musician’s perspective, how is this one different?
CB: It is more focussed, has way more micro detail in the production and arrangement than all our other records combined and it was the first time we ever worked with co-producers, which had a huge effect on how the record came together.
ND: You have an impressive remixography including tracks by Metronomy, El Guincho, Yacht and recently Cut Copy.  Who in the band is involved in the remixes and can we look forward to anything in the near future?
CB: I have always loved remixing. It is a great way to collab with other artists whom you admire. You learn a lot about ideas and technique, so as music nerds we love to get  under the bonnet and see how a song is built and in turn how it functions.
We have no remixes on the horizon, I am sure when we have some downtime, we will smash out a few.
ND: The past decade has seen a massive amount of great music exported from Australia.  Can you tip us off on any new talent bubbling up from down under?
CB: Oscar & Martin. Collarbones, Geoffrey O’Connor, Royal Headache, Jonti, Catcall, Lost Animal, Grand Salvo all have people talking right now.
ND: From your experience on tour, which cities have the best architecture?
CB: Hilarious, Most cities have awesome elements. Off the top of my head, St Petersburg, Barcelona, Mexico City & Tokyo all have some pretty hot things going on.
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