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November 8, 2011

I first heard about this guy when Creep released their single “Days” and Deadboy did one of the remixes. It’s actually my favorite version on the EP (more so than the Azari & III rendition). I hadn’t heard him in a while, but today I was forced to play my iPod due to a sports interruption in WVUM programming. Luckily a Deadboy track came on reminding me I should write a post about him.  He’s part of the Numbers collective along with Jamie XX, Hudson Mohawke, and Rustie etc. I wish he would put out more material as I really dig his style.

Official bio:

“You could describe Deadboy’s music as heartache for the dancefloor. Tapping into London’s rich musical heritage from Scott Walker to early 90’s Hardcore all the way through to UK Garage and House, Deadboy’s tracks somehow still share the same sense of futuristic melancholia as the first wave of Detroit Techno by the likes of Derrick May and Juan Atkins.

Outside of Numbers, Deadboy spins R&B under the name of DJ Tearjerker and is one half of gameboy dancehall act Hyper Black Bass.”


Deadboy – Down On My Mind


Paul Weller  – Starlite (Deadboy Remix)

Grab the Creep remix here


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