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Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs Interview + Giveaway (by Pirate Stereo)

October 31, 2011

Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs is Orlando Higginbottom from Oxford UK.  In 2008 he put out a number of excellent singles and EP’s on Joe Goddard label Greco Roman, quickly carving himself an unique place in 21st century dance music. He’s since become an international star, garnering support from the likes of Annie Mac and drawing in crowds with his  intricate harmonies and uplifting beats. He’s most recently signed to Polydor, which will put out his full length LP in 2012.

To promote his tour and upcoming album, Polydor have re-released the single ‘Garden’ backed by stellar remixes from Joe Goddard, Soul Clap, Calibre, and Hackman. This Thursday Nov 3, TEED will put his  touch on magic city with an intimate show at Bardot alongside The Magician with DJ Sets by Pirate Stereo and Laura (of Miami). Pirate Stereo got a chance to catch up with Orlando and pick his brain on all things TEED before his set this thursday in this exclusive interview:


Please give the people of Miami an overview of how the name TEED came to be
– Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs you mean…

What was your first impulse to become a songwriter/ producer?
– I wanted to be a composer when I was very young, then I got really into drum edits when I was about 8.

What effect did your father teaching music have on you as an artist?
– I tried to make it better

Was there something beside music that really interested you in other words what would’ve been your ‘day job’?
– Gardening

Did you know music and music theory growing up or was it something you became interested in later on?
– I was taught piano, theory and composition as a kid.

A lot of dance music today is just compression over compression, kind of like: “as long as the subs rattle, we don’t care about harmony and melody” your music, has some amazing harmony and melody AND the subs rattle..what would you say weighs more in your prodcution, musicality or sound design? How do you find the balance?
– Those three elements overlap constantly, but I would say that the most important one to me is musicality. I completely agree with what you are saying by the way.

I read that you approach the entire range of your music from 100-140bmp as simply ‘Dance’ do you think sub-genres and always trying to ‘label’ a sound within a sound creates a bigger market for ‘Dance’ or does it hinder the entire genre?
– What is more important, the size of the market or the music ? I think people have to feel free to go where they want to go with their sound, and not conform to rules that originated in record shops.

Your sound is very unique. Did you go through many artistic transformations before arriving at it or did it just reveal itself to you?
– I guess its a constantly changing thing. To my ears I don’t have “a sound”.

Explain the headdress’  what do you get from them as an artist?
– Its fun to dress up.

What was the music scene like growing up in Oxford?
– It was amazing. Good record shops, venues with real character, and a lot of parties. Not to mention some of the worlds best classical musicians performing frequently.

What was the band (s) that you couldn’t wait to check out as a teen?? Did Oxford have a cool music ‘scene’ ? and do you feel like you’ve affected it somehow with TEED?
– I saw Radiohead play a home-coming show in a park near my house when i was 16. That definitely inspired me. I love the music in Oxford, its the right size so that you know most of the people involved but its not stuffy.

What was the biggest challenge you faced in trying to get your records played early on as TEED?
– I never thought the records were going to be played in the first place, so it was always a pleasant surprise.

What is the biggest challenge you face today as TEED?
– Sleeping enough.

What has been your favorite city to perform in / best experience?
– So many favourites I’d be lying if I picked one. In North America I’d go for San Francisco though..

What has been your most embarrasing moment as an artist?
– I had some painful shows early on… but it was never that bad.

What is your studio set up like?
– Getting bigger

What is your live set-up like?
– Also getting bigger

What piece of gear would you say is ‘essential’ for up and coming producers and dance enthusiasts?
– Spend money on your speakers (and amp if you need one).

Is there anything in particular you’re hoping to do during your time in MIami?
– See a dolphin ?

Even with all of your success there still must be some things on the ‘to-do’ list, what’s your dream now?
– Create a bigger and better live show

You’ve managed to craft a very special place for yourself in 21st century music, name a few do’s and don’ts in the music biz for aspiring DJ’s / Producers
– Do push yourself to the edge of your comfort zone. Don’t try and be current.




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TEED – Garden (Soul Clap Remix)

TEED – Household Goods



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