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Battles Interview + Ticket Give-Away

October 24, 2011

For me, Battles was one of those hipster oddities back in 2007 when Mirrored was released.  It was without doubt in the experimental math rock genre and not exactly the kind of music you can sing along to (though I’d like to see someone try).  But I distinctly remember parking my car outside the White Room (which at the time hosted Poplife) and hearing Atlas reverberating between the city walls.  Strangely it assured me that there was a raging party inside.

Currently on their Spring tour in support of their second release Gloss Drop, Battles will be destroying Grand Central this Thursday.  We have for you a rather pithy interview with drummer John Stanier, a ticket give-away for Thursday’s show and a couple download goodies.  Enjoy.

NIGHTDRIVE: As a band, what do you consider your single greatest accomplishment?

JOHN STANIER: I would have to say our greatest accomplishment would be
the writing and recording of our newest record Gloss Drop.

ND: Out of your catalog, is there one song that holds more personal meaning and
sentiment than the others? Why?

JS: No not really……that would be like giving birth to 23 children
and then years later picking your favorite one.

ND: Back in June of 2007 you were hosted by the now defunct Studio A.  Any stand
out memories from that show?

JS: The manager from Studio A is an old friend of mine from a lounge
that I used to DJ at in New York……he does the SICKEST “Tom Cruise
Cocktail moves” I have ever seen.  We kept ordering martinis just to
see him demonstrate his style.

ND: A lot has changed in the music industry since 2007.  With the recent release
of Gloss Drop, what was different this time around? What will always be the

JS:  I think the difference this time around is that we are now a
three piece, but our desire to make music together will always remain
the same.

ND: You’re based out of New York which continues to pump out some of the best
contemporary music.  What has the New York experience meant to you?  Do you
find it as profound as many people do?

JS:  I think Battles would not sound the same if we started in any
other city.  To me the roots and philosophy of our music is strongly
based from our beginnings in Brooklyn.  That being said we are much
older now, we constantly tour, and I also live in Berlin so I’m not
sure New York has much relevance to us right now.  But again the
spirit of NYC is still in us and in our music.

…and now for your chance to win those tickets.  Send the answer to the following question to  The 20th correctly answer wins! (One entry per person)

Name TWO bands that formerly included members of Battles.



Battles- My Machines (Featuring Gary Numan)

Posted by Patrick

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  1. October 26, 2011 12:04 am

    Dave Konopka formerly of Lynx and drummer John Stanier formerly of Helmet


  2. October 27, 2011 8:22 am

    This is pretty interesting dialogue… I like this very much…

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