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Flipset Fred: The People’s Champ

October 19, 2011

Flipset Fred is a DJ/Producer/MC from New Orleans and I remember learning about him from the students I used to teach in the Hollygrove 15th Ward area in New Orleans.  This real cool kid in my class named Darius explained seeing Fred at the Airline Skating Rink, said that just the way he carried himself while performing for the crowd of mostly 13-18 year olds made him a fan.  This totally made sense to me and reminded me how I viewed musicians who were right there in the crowd, performing without a stage and the amount of respect you felt for someone who was your age but commanded a higher presence.

“Big Spender” featuring Magnolia Rhome is a crossover jam for several reasons. Rhome gets work from weekend DJs (block parties) to parties at the Saint, an awesome metal bar that used to be owned by Sean Yeusult from White Zombie.  The scene in New Orleans has always been “too many MCs, not enough mics,” but Magnolia Rhome has been the one recently granted access where it’s mostly closed to all others.

This beat to a discerning listener is dope because it’s from the Sissy Nobby track “Lay it Down,” which was pressed by Diplo’s Mad Decent label and shopped around to be remixed— and outside of the bounce world, has been more remixed than any other Nobby song.  Those versions were totally abstracted and mostly failures (aside from L-Vis 1990’s total new age adaptation rework in my opinion). No offense, DJ Sega, but I say the others were failures because the remixers weren’t really familiar with dat beat or bounce production style. But Fred’s production makes it an official bounce jam and reclaims it for New Orleans after other ignorant DJs got their hands on it and tried to do something, anything with it.

Like other bounce producers, Fred takes from popular R&B jams in the composition process, taking the optimistic and empowering piano melody of Nicki Minaj and Drake’s “Moment 4 Life” and throws the Brown Beat over it to create a track submitted to me as MASTER VERSION BABY ERINN. (I always appreciate stuff like “MASTER VERSION” or “FINAL” cos it’s straight out da box, not watered down by A&R type of shit). The toddler MC Baby Erinn invokes the relatively common “Bounce your booty like a basketball / if you don’t go no booty, don’t shake at all” that I know from Monsta Wit Da Fade among some others.

This song just makes so much sense for New Orleans youth energy, reflected in the “Moment 4 Life” sample and Baby Erinn’s verse. Yes, a lil baby’s verse makes sense in the larger context cos’ young kids in New Orleans feel dat beat just like anyone else. This might be the youngest MC on a bounce song, though I’m too ignorant to say that for sure and haters can hit me up at if they got something to say.


Flipset Fred- Magnolia Rhome Big Spender

Flipset Fred- MASTER VERSION Baby Erinn

Guest post by Kevin F. Mason

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