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Mano Le Tough

October 14, 2011

According to his bio, Mano Le Tough focuses on melody and emotion when sculpting his sound.  That can be tough when you’re producing contemporary disco/house tracks.  I feel that with so much focus on creating catchy beats, many artists fail to connect on that higher emotional level and are satisfied in simply being “soulful.”  When I listen to Mano Le Tough’s newest track, In My Arms, the first thing I notice is influence from Sigur Ros and Arthur Russel (I’m not the only one according to his Soundcloud comments), but that completely makes sense.  His classically trained piano skills make an appearance in many of his tracks which seems to give the song a more personal and intimate relationship with it’s creator.

His In My Arms EP has just been released on Internasjonal Norway and you can purchase it HERE




Aloe Blacc- Loving You Is Killing Me (Mano Le Tough Remix)

Mano Le Tough- Oblique

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