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Jonti Video Premier & Interview

October 12, 2011

Jonti is one of latest beat-makers to catch the ear of Stones Throw Records founder Peanut Butter Wolf’s ear.  This South African-born, Aussie-raised composer and arranger boasts a rather complex and wonky style that’s extremely sophisticated but refreshingly accessible and bursting with character.  This is the kind of stuff that sneaks up on you.  At first I gave it tacit approval only to find myself craving his sound every time I sat at my computer.

We’re happy to share with you today the premier of Jonti’s new video for his track Frightened Mice off his new album Twirligig which drops next week.  He was also kind enough to have a little chat with our good friend and local DJ hero, Pancho “Manuvers” de Pablo.

Manuvers: How did you end up linking up with Stonesthrow?

Jonti: I recorded Twirligig and I wanted it mastered it so it could be like a real album that I could listen to! Sent it to dream mastering team Elysian Mastering who handle most ST releases. They liked the album, passed it on to Peanut Butter Wolf, then I got a call shortly after.

M: Have you ever been to Miami, and what do you expect from your visit?

J: I’ve been once briefly to visit good friends who moved from South Africa, but I’ve never properly experienced it. I know Miami is an awesome place. Real excited to come up.

M: What would you consider to be some of your greatest influences?

J: Cool girls from around the world, hearing new ways of making beats, my family.

M: What album would you say changed the way you looked at music. (it could be one of many, perhaps either most recent) and what about it made it so impactful?

J: Madlib’s Beat Konducta Vol 1 and 2: Movie Scenes – I remember listening to the song ‘Third Ear (More)’ in particular and the lightbulb went and it changed everything I did in my life afterwards. I dont know why that song. Holy woah, I just realized I bought that album when i was in Miami last!

Stereolab – Emperor Tomato Ketchup : Couldnt believe what i was hearing when i first picked it up. It was still so fun, animated and dancable even though it was incredibly eclectic, sexy and referential.

M: For all the gear and tech heads, what makes up your studio? What piece is most instrumental.

J: I use a program called Digital Performer. Which is awesome and not many people know about it. My first synth I bought was a Moog Opus 3 and that remains my favourite synth in the world after playing with many a synth since. Opus is a good friend.

M: When does your album drop?

J: Oct 18th is the set date for Twirligig. The little album that could. Real excited and look forward to being in Miami soon!

Get your advanced digital copy of Twirligig exclusively at Stones Throw!


Jonti- Hornets Nest

Hodgy Beats feat. Jonti- Nagoya

Posted by Patrick 

Interview by Pancho “Manuvers” de Pablo

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