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Psychic Mirrors

October 11, 2011

Psychic Mirrors is a Miami-based bands that everyone here is really excited about.  There is so much under-appreciated music here in Miami, however every once in a while a talent comes along that is destined to make waves beyond South Florida.  The now 12-piece electro-boogie funk groups is packed with some of the best musical talent making it somewhat of a super-group.

The mastermind behind this movement is Cuban-American Miami native Mickey de Grand IV.  De Grand has devoted his life to music, composing his first piece at age 9 and went on to produce 10 albums (solo and group) by age 15.  He earned a degree with concentrations in Jazz/Orchestral Composition and Arrangement from City College of New York in 2009 and is planning to pursue a M.M. in the same fields.  As a solo artist he has recorded around 80 albums and has composed 236 concert pieces for orchestra and solo piano.  That’s quite a resume! And all that hard work is paying off.

Psychic Mirrors’ latest single “I Come For Your Love” was composed, produced and arranged by Mickey de Grand IV and features Cecilia de Cardenas on supporting vocals. It was engineered by de Grand himself and mastered by Dave Cooley (J Dilla, Stones Throw, Serge Gainesbourg) of Elysian Master Studios in LA.  Keep tabs on these Miami cats.

Psychic Mirrors- I Come For Your Love


Buy their 7″ and 12″ singles at Cosmic Chronic

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