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Audio Interview with Junior Boys’ Jeremy Greenspan

October 8, 2011

Bardot Lounge celebrated their 2 year anniversary with style on Thursday night, hosting Canadian electronic pop stars, Junior Boys.  The event was an intimate affair with the trio performing at floor level as the first in Bardot’s “Living Room Sessions.”  Though it was a little tough to see through the thick crowd, the band did not disappoint.  With an impeccable sound team at the venue’s back, the delicate and minimal synths, percussion, and especially the beautiful crooning of singer Jeremy Greenspan’s voice were as crisp and lush as the recorded albums.

Nightdrive had the privilege to host the night at Bardot and chat with Greenspan right before (and as you’ll hear, during) soundcheck.  He gives us a glimpse into the stories behind some of his songs, his take on music today and even his Facebook habits.


ND: After four full-length albums starting with 2004’s Last Exit, your latest release seems to be heavily influenced by R&B.  Musically speaking how else do you feel your sound has evolved?  Are there any new trends in music that you can cite as an influence?

ND: You’ve made your rounds through Miami quite a few times.  Back in 2007, you were brought down by Poplife at the now retired Post venue, then again in 2009 at The Vagabond for their Halloween bash.  You then spun as DJs at The Electric Pickle’s one-year anniversary in 2010.  Now you’re back for Bardot’s two-year anniversary.  As honorary experts on the South Florida circuit, what stands out about Miami’s cultural landscape?

ND: Ok, without getting too personal, tell us one little-known anecdote from your tour thus far.

ND: You’ve been with UK-based Domino Records since the very beginning.  Can you tell us about your relationship with them and why you’ve stuck with them through thick and thin?

ND: On your website, your album description paints a grim outlook on the state of music today.  You describe contemporary music as “more about gimmickry and branding than it is about the art.”  Is there any saving grace or is it all downhill from here?

(Fan Question) Diana: What inspired you to make Bellona?

(Fan Question) Erik Alexander Gonzalez: Double Shadow is one of my favorite songs, but no matter how many times I hear it, I have no idea what it’s about… Is there more to that song than just a sick beat?

(Fan Question) Diego Arredondo: Where was the first place you ever performed together and do you have any memories that are worth sharing?

ND: Finally, do you like the new Facebook?


Classic Junior Boys Remix DOWNLOADS:

Sally Shapiro- Jackie Junior (Junior Boys Dub Mix)

Yoko Ono- Give Me Something (Junior Boys Remix)

Posted by Patrick Walsh

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  1. October 8, 2011 1:19 pm

    Sally Shapiro+ Junior Boys= Great Music. Great remixes!

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