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Planningtorock Remix Shit Robot

October 7, 2011

Patrick and I can’t stop raving about Planningtorock one of DFA’s latest and greatest. They blew my mind with their last album W to the point of having “Living It Up” on repeat in my car for 2 weeks. The group has a very original sound which is accessible to a wide range of people. If you haven’t checked them out please do me the solid. As per Shit Robot, he’s also DFA family and really fun. Some of you may have caught him at Grand Central a couple of months ago, great show!

The remix below is what happens when collaborations turn out as awesome as possible. The track retains Shit Robot’s quirky lyrical nature while employing Planningtorock’s unique orchestral sound. Here’s how their PR describes it:

“Rostron’s own Pizzo remix is up next, and in (a)typical fashion, she takes the song and shifts its mood by clearing away the dancier elements of its predecessor in favor of a foundation of strings in every form: plucked pizzicato notes, low cellos tones, and high pitched violins that flit through. Last up is another Rostron creation, the Whisper remix, which actually outpaces Lambkin’s version in bpm, but is lighter all the same. Here, she uses synths almost as a wash of white noise – a whisper, if you will – and only drops heavier vocals here and there along the song’s rustling path.”

DOWNLOAD: (click on downward arrow)

Shit Robot – Answering Machine (Planningtorock Pizzo Remix)

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