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Venice Beach

September 30, 2011

A few days ago we went to Volga Beach in Mexico for some chill wave, now over to Venice Beach (Paris) for some italo disco!

Venice Beach is a new Parisian duo formed by Magik Moar & Deedeehey. Magik Moar comes from a funk/hip-hop DJ background and Deedeehey is originally a visual artist known as Dider Clain. The two friends  (drawn together by a mutual love for  italo disco and other rare 80’s boogie & electro) decided to join forces to create disco remixes and produce timeless tracks for clubbers of the world…(and of Miami 😉

Their first single “Midnite” has been digitally released on their own label (the name is a secret for the moment) and the 1st album is coming by the end of 2011.

And now more fun facts but in French:

Venice Beach passent leur temps à “digger” des perles et à mixer, quand ils ne sont pas aux platines, ils skatent, ils surfent et ride des fixies… Leur premier single “Midnite” sous le label St. Sebastien est dispo et c’est déjà un tube club. L’album “This is Home” sortira avant la fin de l’année.


Venice Beach – Midnite


Venice Beach – Tell Me Why (Dub Club Mix)


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