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Fresh Meat Records

September 29, 2011

Fresh Meat Records is an artist-run label and collaboration between Mazi Namvar (Audio Soul Project) and Nathan Drew Larsen, two music-heads who became friends during the second wave of house that ripped through Chicago in the early 1990s. That footprint having left its indelible mark, Fresh Meat Records has become the home to producers influenced by the “other side” of Chicago house – not the late 90s disco cut-ups – but the sometimes soulful, sometimes tracky, but always emotional, experimental-leaning synthesized dance cuts that are at the deep core of Chicago house music.”

If you do a little homework on label-head Mazi Namvar you’ll find he’s also half of Wasted Chicago Youth (with Justin Long).  The label also features Elef, Wiretappeur, Shenoda, Florian Kruse, Detroit native Kris Wadsworth, Nick Harris, and Mr. Brazil (who likes to spend time in Miami).

Proceed if you like house:

Wasted Chicago Youth – Magic Noise Goblins

Audio Soul Project – Asha

Check out tons of their releases on Soundcloud

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