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Patrick’s Edit-astic Voyage Mix

September 26, 2011

I decided to put together my collection of smoother disco originals and favorite re-edits for a casual half hour mix. It starts off with more soulful and mid-tempo beats and ending with some electro-funky jams.  Some of these have been featured here on the blog, but there definitely some new gems in here.  Feel free to download it for you iPod, might make that Dolphin Expressway a little bit more tolerable.

Track List:

Gazeebo- Red Eye To Saturn (Buy)(Download)

DJ Raw Sugar- What If We Make It (Buy)

78Edits- Something Here (Buy)

Ron Basejam- One Point (Buy)

Stevie Wonder- Do I Do (Sleazy McQueen Re-edit) (Buy)(Previous Post)

Neighbor & Think Tank- Lando (Tad Wily Mix) (Buy)(Previous Post)

The Groovers- The Spirit (Buy)

Cosmic Boogie- Fast & Loose (Buy)

Odyssey- Inside Out (PBR Streetgang Mix) (Buy)(Download)

Linntronix- Cool Out (Refresh) (Buy)

Starsgarage- The Massage (Buy)

Baldelli/Dionigi Funkadiba- Skippy & The Funky Boys (Buy)

Easy Going- Baby I Love You (Eli Edit) (Download)(Previous Post)

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