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Greeen Linez

September 22, 2011

I recently discovered A Taut Line & Hong Kong In The 60s and since then I’ve been digging their EP Unwoken. The 8 track release includes lovely remixes by veterans and newbies like The Dominatrix and Royalty. Being the insatiable music collector that I am I had to dig a little deeper and find more of their stuff… or anything related.

A few clicks later I discovered Green Linez, which is “a new collaboration between Chris and Matt Lyne (aka A Taut Line)” and one click after that I landed on their video for “Feel The Pressure”… Absolutely late 80s/ early 90s rad. Their recent Greeen Linez self titled EP is a bundle of daytime disco fun, buy it here or grab a free download below. Also make sure to watch both videos on the bottom of this post. Although based on the Pacific Coast the “Palm Coast Freeway” video might make some old school Miamians a little  nostalgic.

Here’s their official bio:

The Greeen Linez EP is the result of a new collaboration between Matt Lyne (aka A Taut Line) and Chris Greenberg (one third of the band Hong Kong in the 60s). Matt and Chris first met and started playing dance music together over 15 years ago, before they were even in their teens. Now, many years later and separated by two continents – Chris still lives in Cambridge, where they both grew up, whilst Matt has been living in Japan for over 6 years – the pair have decided to return to the musical sounds and styles that first excited and inspired them as youngsters. This EP is a trip back to the days when Cambridge still had multiple independent record shops (it now has none) and double-cassette dance compilations were the order of the day. However, as the clichés go, the past is a different country, and you can’t go home again, so this EP filters all those nostalgic influences through everything Matt and Chris have heard and experienced in the intervening years.

Greeen Linez  – Palm Coast Freeway



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