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NixeD PoP

September 21, 2011

Hola Music Lovers, Let’s face it, as much as I steer away from the word POP, so many good songs out there are POP. I usually do more obscure Italo and new wave on my mixes but this time I wanted to create something different, so I picked some of my pop/disco favorite records and put them all together to create this mix called NIXED POP as in rejected pop.
NixeD Pop
1: Fairmont – Cannon
1st Movement
2: The Off-Key Hat – Night Of The Off Key Hat (dub)
3: Pink Stallone – Seaside Conga
2nd Movement
4 :Olibusta – Jerry’s Coiffure
5 : Pional – Where Eagles Dare
6 : Walter Jones – Hot Contact
3rd Movement
7 : Finesse – Elevate (Kendig’s Lifted remix)
8 : Voltage – All Night (Ilija Rudman remix)
9: Darabi – Top Drop
10 : Cole Medina – Backstrokin
4th Movement
11: Pete Gooding & Chris Coco Feat Peter Coyle – Believe(Ajello Plumb Center mix)
12: Azari& III – Hungry for the Power
13: Giorgio Moroder vs. Martin Brodin – The Chase (Martin Brodin Dubber Out)
14 :Memoryman – Turned on
15: Jackpot – Brief Encounter
16: The Parallax Corporation – Whore Of The Floor (Alden Tyrell’s edit)
Closing movement
17: Bill Ambrose – Pariah



1. FAIRMONT aka Jack Fairley – “Cannon ” , will transport you with its hypnotic sounds, as it combines harmony and sentiment so that you can submerge fully into this voyage cancelling out any distractions – a perfect first song. Fairley originally from Canada, has released many records for labels such as Dumb-Unit, Kompakt and Sender producing Minimal Techno. Fairmont’s VeloraEP, was released in May 2011.
Fairmont – Cannon


5. PIONAL – aka Miguel Barros – “Where Eagles Dare” is one of my personal favorites. The synths on this track carry you far, far away. Barros is probably one of Spain’s best-kept secrets when it comes to electronic music production.
Release date: May, 2011.

Pional – Where Eagles Dare


6. WALTER JONES – “Hot Contact”- Song title same as the record. Once again impressing me with his ability to put out epic tracks full of synths and amazing melodies. Jones is a New Orleans residing Deep House music producer.
Release date: June 2010.

Buy it Here


8. VOLTAGE – “All Night” (Ilija Rudman remix)  produced by Joel Dickson, aka Nile Delta, formerly one half of Riot In Belgium, and Cut Copy front man and producer, Dan Whitford. Ilija Rudman’s version is a catchy, sexy, disco cosmic pop tune. Release date: May 2010.

Voltage – All Night 

Voltage – QE2

Buy it here 
Check out our previous post on Ilija Rudman


10. COLE MEDINA – “Backstrokin” I loved mixing this track,the intro is perfect for beat-matching and then it turns into this heavy bass tune. Originally from California, Medina is known for his jazz influenced house pop productions. He is also the Owner and cofounder of House Arrest Record Label.
Release date: June 2010.


15. JACKPOT – “Brief Encounter” ,a beautiful song Originally by MadleenKane, called “Rough Diamond.”  This trio (JAckpot) knows about creating edits, and uses Crispy Claps to the this song.   Jackpot has been featured on WVUM and Nightdrive. Release date: October 2009.

Jackpot – Brief Encounter
Check out our previous post on Jackpot


17. BILL AMBROSE – “Pariah” (Closing Movement), a melancholic danceable pop tune, from Cyber Dance Records. The best choice to end this pop dance cosmic disco mix and bring you back down to reality. Currently one of my personal favorites, I couldn’t resist sharing it with you. Release date: May 2011.

Bill Ambrose – Pariah

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  1. September 21, 2011 1:57 am

    Long Live Disco, Very nice groove

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