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Peter Power

September 5, 2011

Ok I don’t want to seem lazy by copy/ pasting someone’s bio, but I’m genuinely entertained every single time I read something like this:

“Amidst the end of one age and the dawning of a new, a paradoxical soul is born upon a quest. Tenderly rekindled by kindred spirits and doused in the celestial mysteries of his celtic ancestry, it echos the majesty of the sublime. Reveling in the joys of an endless journey, he follows karma’s creepy trail, each turn bound in right or wrong, often tethered by life’s trivial pursuits it twists his moral fibre until it is strong…….Endeavoring suspended animation and deeply hypnotized by kaleidoscopic eyes he walks the topsy turvy tight rope. A liminal balancing act where blurred borders frame a mirror of ambiguity. He slowly unravels the sedated sentiments of a lucid quest, a parallel shift……….. Nestled in the cleavage of a lonesome lament and wistfully yearning for a familiar scent, the guiding ache of his priapic nerve, strains only for the desire to serve. To finger nature’s throbbing pulse and iron out it’s awkward groove. An orgy of ineffable devotion to bust a hip and make you move. The pelvic funk, to get you up and get on down….. Recycling a single, simple mantra, swirling life to a perpetual standstill, it resonates an exponential feeling………Love, the landscape of his soul, where within a wonder lies… Kleine Reise his modest pastures, where lambs for the sacrifice are spared to roam. Immersed in it’s wholesome groove, to take the edge off, hang loose and shmooze. A little journey that knows no bounds and relentlessly harbours a playground of sounds. Nourished by a slow brew, a chunky stew pot, a potpourri of delights. A raw nutty feast of cereal goodness, toasted oats and fruit fromage….. Ketchup canals and cloudy apple juice skies, decorate the landscape where his fantasy resides. Prompted by the might of a zephyr, leaping from the edge of feather to feather, expecting only just to fly and catch the rise before the fall. Yamone! Life is beautiful after all.”

Got it? Good because I couldn’t have written anything better than that…. He’s outta Berlin. Check out his myspace for more music.

Peter Power – Honky Tonk (Doris Troy Edit)

Peter Power –  Take it Slow

Peter Power – Restbite


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