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Vamos A La Playa

August 29, 2011

The highlight of my past few years working at WVUM 90.5FM is not being the Music Director (and almost every other staff position),  working with an amazing group of ambitious teenagers,  being part of an indie music staple in Miami,  helping upcoming acts get some air play, it hasn’t been the abundance of thank you emails, friends I’ve made, or winning MTV’s prize for best college radio station in the country. My highlight has been Vamos A La Playa (every Monday from 5-7pm)

For those of you outside of Miami VAMOS A LA PLAYA is my disco show on WVUM 90.5 FM, University of Miami radio. Vamos started as an italo disco night at Stop Miami in the mid 2000s. It went on for a couple of years until the venue shut down. It used to be the only spot in Miami where you could hear Koto, Righeira, and Miko Mission on a regular basis. A few years later I started grad school at UM and decided to reinstate Vamos as the station’s disco show.

The response was amazing and it’s been one of WVUM’s flagship shows ever since. I’ve had all sorts of incredibly talented guests and interviews by artists such as Metro Area, Eli Escobar, Jacques Renault, Marcello Giordani, and Woolfy amongst others. Vamos a La Playa will continue until May of 2012 which is when I graduate and will no longer be a part of the WVUM staff so let’s enjoy it while we can.

Tonight is Vamos a La Playa’s 100th Episode and I’m broadcasting the show from the LORDS HOTEL on South Beach (la playa) so we can all celebrate it together. Please see the event info below:

Vamos A La Playa 100th Episode Live Broadcast DISCO DINNER & Pool Party!

Come be part of the show this MONDAY 8/29 from 4-9pm.

We’ll be broadcasting the 100th EPISODE live from the LORDS HOTEL

(11th & Collins Ave | South Beach)

Bring your bathing suit and come hungry!!

Disco curated by:

Carlos Llanos (Italo extraordinaire): 4-5pm

Laura (of Miami): 5-7pm

Pirate Stereo: 7-9pm

ALL AGES WELCOME!!!! You’re never too old for Disco.

The event is free. Dinner and drinks are not (duh)

Head on over to the News Lounge AFTER the VAMOS PARTY for Patrick’s Monday ((Not)) Monday


Now if you want some audio please head on over to:

You’ll be able to download most of the previous show episodes. I promise it’s worth it 🙂

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