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Clap Rules

August 17, 2011

When I first heard Old Sequencer off their first EP I knew the three dudes from Clap Rules were going to be pumping out some goodies in the future.  Last month they released Golden Hands, their first full-length off Bear Funk, home of disco heavyweights Lindstom, Idjut Boys, Ilija Rudman, Todd Terje, Visti & Meyland, et al.  This album hit me hard! With a spacey vintage left-field sound, they run the gamut from disco to boogie to house.  And they do it really well.  The Italian trio, who are also known as Fabrizio Mammarella, Andrea Gabriele and Max Leggieri have remixed the likes of Michoacan, Etienne de Crecy, and In Flagranti but it appears that it’s their turn to be reinterpreted.  According to the discography in their About section, a remixed version of Golden Hands is on its way.  I can only imagine who will be involved.


Clap Rules- Silver Mountains

Clap Rules- Get Excited

Clap Rules- 123 Cantyousee

Clap Rules- Old Sequencer

Posted by Patrick

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  1. Katherine permalink
    August 23, 2011 3:42 am

    nice post. found this recent interview with clap rules here

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