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August 16, 2011

HUSBAND is a duo made of Gianlorenzo and Chiara from Bologna, Italy.  I got into the band through the Soft Metals remix of their first cut “Love Song.” I dug how catchy it was, so I sought out the original. Plus, any band with such dark sensibilities are bold for taking on such a title, one to me that will always be associated with the Disintegration album and R. Smith. But Husband takes it in a whole other direction with steady, reliable microKorg and a drummer who pounds on the floor toms standing up, tranced out, and just fucking feeling it!!

That jam-party vibe gives it that early !!! or Liars feel while keeping the jams at 3 minutes to maintain that pop vibe. Blippy madness over a chug-a-chug fuzz bass sets the landscape for this otherwise poppy music from the center of sexiness in
Italy – ( u know dark Italian music is fucking hot, no one can shake a stick at the stealthiness of that…Just saying it aloud conjures up smells like expensive leather and BVLGVRI Black cologne 2 me. )

“Love Song” will likely become the lil hit for anybody with an ear for a gruff pairing ofrawness and TASCAM tones. Similar duos they conjure up include the Turkish two-piece Kim-ki-o and Brazillian Madame Rose Sélavy.

(( Sideno†e: did BVLGVRI invent witchhouse and does Chino from Deftones & †††
(Crosses, lol) wear it when he be playin shows?? ))

Husband – Love Song (alt link)

Husband – Love Song (Soft Metals Remix) (alt link)




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